Masonry Work 101

October 27, 2022

Masonry work can add a lot of dimension to your home. It can look more luxurious, new, and better put together. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile.

You can use masonry on the exterior of your home to improve its curb appeal or masonry on the interior to give it a more polished look.

In this article, we’ll talk about some masonry work so you can choose which one fits your needs better. Keep reading!

6 Types Of Masonry Work You Should Know

1. Brick Masonry Construction

For high-quality construction, burnt clay bricks are always used. But for less critical projects, third-class bricks will suffice. When masonry is being constructed that will later be plastered, second-class bricks should be employed as they lack the finish of first-class bricks.

2. Stone Masonry Construction

Of all construction materials, stone is the most durable and resistant to wear and tear—structures made of stone last much longer than those made with other materials.

Stone Masonry Has Two Main Classifications:

  1. Rubble Masonry
  2. Ashlar Masonry

Rubble Masonry Is Classified Into:

  • Unsourced or Coursed Random Rubble Masonry
  • Unsourced or Coursed Square Masonry
  • Polygonal Rubble Masonry
  • Dry Rubble Masonry

Ashlar Masonry Is Into:

  • Ashlar Fine Masonry
  • Ashlar Block in Course
  • Ashlar Chamfered Masonry
  • Ashlar Rough Tooled Masonry
  • Rock or Quarry Faced Masonry

3.Concrete Masonry Construction

In concrete masonry construction, the concrete blocks are arranged in a staggered pattern on top of each other, similar to brick masonry construction. However, since the dimensions of concrete blocks are more significant than bricks, less time is required to lay them.

4. Veneer Masonry Construction

This type of masonry construction is mainly used for remodeling and interior finishes. It gives the appearance of a stone or brick wall with better economy and insulation. Veneer masonry units can be placed on an existing concrete wall, providing an excellent impression.

5. Gabion Masonry Construction

Gabions are baskets of zin-protected steel filled with medium-sized fractured stones and formed into a single unit. These gabions function as a single entity. It acts like a revetment or retaining walls.

6. Composite Masonry Construction

A composite masonry building combines two or more distinct types of materials to build it. These masonry constructions are used to the maximum while preserving material resources and adding value.

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