Masonry: Repair Or Restoration?

October 27, 2022

The drastic temperature changes and weather conditions can cause your masonry to wear down over time. Soil that is constantly shifting can damage the foundation of any masonry structures you have on your property.

If you begin to notice cracks or other changes to your masonry, it may be time to think about repairs. In this blog post, we’ll talk about signs you should look for when masonry repair is needed. Read on!

Signs You Need Masonry Restoration Or Repair

  1. Missing Or Damaged Mortar

It would be best to have your masonry walls repainted every 15 to 20 years. Some masonry, on the other hand, may require repair sooner. It’s time to repair deteriorated mortar if you detect any.

Bricks, stones, and other masonry materials that aren’t correctly bonded together will rub against each other and cause warping. You should hire only a skilled mason expert to repair mortar; attempting it yourself may only worsen matters.

  1. Bulging Bricks

Water seeping into and disrupting your masonry backing can cause bulging bricks (also known as frost boil). Moisture will push or pull bricks and cause them to “bulge” if it gets behind your brick masonry.

  1. Cracked Bricks

Bricks and stones will crack over time. Any cracks that dig at an angle of more than 30° are dangerous and might cause your masonry construction to collapse.

Ignoring cracks will result in water damage and may cause bricks to bulge or sustain more significant breakage. To fill any cracked bricks, talk to a local masonry professional.

  1. Changes In Your Home

Damaged masonry affects not only the exterior of your home but also the interior. If you think your masonry needs repair or restoration, look for these telltale signs inside your home. Moisture accumulation on your walls, drafts, deformed windows, or plaster cracks may indicate that your masonry is damaged.

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