Avoid These Common Masonry Mistakes!

September 1, 2022

Masonry mistakes can quickly turn a beautiful building into an eyesore. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the most common mistakes made during masonry buildings.

This blog post will discuss the most common residential masonry mistakes. This article will help you avoid costly errors if you plan a masonry project. Read more here!

5 Common Residential Masonry Mistakes

When it comes to masonry construction, it’s important to avoid the following mistakes:

#1 Not Planning Ahead

A common masonry mistake is not planning. Many people wait until the last minute to start their masonry project, which can lead to many problems. When you plan ahead, you have time to select the right materials and find a qualified masonry contractor.

#2 Not Inspecting the Site

Another mistake is not inspecting the site before starting work. It’s important to ensure that the ground is level and that there are no underground utilities. If you don’t inspect the site, you could end up with a dangerous and costly problem.

#3 Incorrect Materials

Another common masonry mistake is using incorrect materials. For example, using the wrong mortar type can cause your bricks to crack or crumble. Consult a masonry expert to make sure you use the correct materials for your project.

#4 Improper Installation

If you don’t install your masonry correctly, it can lead to different problems. For example, improper installation can cause your bricks to shift and crack. Make sure you hire a qualified masonry contractor with experience installing the type of masonry you want.

#5 Not Hiring a Professional

One of the most common mistakes is not hiring a professional masonry contractor. Many people think that masonry is easy and that anyone can do it. However, this is not the case. Masonry requires precision and skill. Hiring a professional with the experience and training necessary to complete the job correctly is important.

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